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Locomotive Product Lines

Authorized GE Distributor

Short Line & Industrial Main Line

We supply new and rebuilt engine parts, as well as electrical and mechanical parts and components. Our unit exchange program minimizes downtime and reduces your inventory. You get a reconditioned product with reliable performance and a great warranty, all from stock.


Electrical and mechanical parts are readily available. Traction motors, generators, brake shoes, carbon brushes, brush holders, gears, pinions, bearings and much more are ready for shipment.


Specializing in both surface and underground applications. We stock a wide variety of hard to find items for many older models.


Many of the electrical components on the ALCO locomotives were originally manufactured by General Electric. We supply new and rebuilt items such as contactors, reversers, traction motors, and generators.


In association with General Electric, Logan Corporation offers EMD "aftermarket" parts and services. Our initial product offering includes rebuilt traction motors, field coils, contactors, relays, etc.; new brush holders, carbon brushes, shafts, and cable leads.

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